Monday, August 22, 2016

Sherwood is also the name of a popular play about Robin Hood that plays throughout the year for those that want to come to see it.They have live music, real actors, real food, and much more to offer. 

Other residents of the forest include a plethora of various animals such as squirrels, wolves, and other similar animals. It's a very big forest that is recognized around the world. 

There have also been reports of ghost sightings in the forest if you like scary stories. It's easy to run into for the amount of time you're there so you don't have to eat for too long before you want to leave. Even some of the most well known animals have feasted through this forest in the story of robin hood where everyone deserves what they want. 

Also offered in the forest are wood carving classes that you can teach yourself with a book and a stick. The amount of information you can teach yourself with a book and some will power is honestly amazing. Try it yourself and you won't be disappointed not one bit. 

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